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Rodrigo Rabaco

Rodrigo Rabaco is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, with many years of experience working with developers, architects, designers, advertising agencies, and brands.

Working with 3D, Architecture and Design since he was 16 years old, Rodrigo makes use of a wide range of creative disciplines and technological tools to produce communication pieces that are unique and effective in increasing value perception.

Deeply inspired by nature and music, he has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of aesthetics, visual perception, lighting, and colour.

Rodrigo is an enthusiast of the field of Biomimicry, which deeply influences his ideas about art and design.

His strength also lies in his experience as an art director, working for years in the advertising industry, developing illustrations and animations for brands and agencies worldwide.

Some of the illustrations from his previous studio were awarded at festivals such as the Cannes Lions Festival in France, and El Ojo de Ibero América in Argentina.


 Rodrigo Rabaco Studio is a contemporary creative studio, specialising in innovative design, image-making, and animation. 

With a holistic approach and a pool of creative solutions for the design industry, the studio is focused on collaboration with like-minded clients seeking to increase brand awareness, enhance quality perception, and differentiate their brands through sophisticated and relevant visual communication.



#1 Architectural Rendering for Marketing Purposes

Concept Development
Interior & Exterior Rendering
Close-up Rendering

We have many years of experience in creating marketing visuals for designers, architects, developers, and landscapers, including Concept Development, CGI rendering, and Animation for high-end developments.

Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapers, Urban Designers

#2 Branding Identity, Marketing Campaigns & Visual Storytelling

Branding Visuals
Advertising Pieces
Website & Social Media Content

We strongly believe that beauty and relevant content drive attention and create connection. Our strength lies in crafting delightful, iconic, and powerful visuals that tell stories, provoke the viewer, inspire curiosity, and enrapture the imagination.

General Brands

#3 Set Design, Styling & Product Rendering

Set Design
Furniture Rendering
Art Direction
Visual Merchandising

Our knowledge in interior design, styling, and art direction provides a holistic, cost-effective, and unique pool of design solutions for furniture and retail brands that need to showcase their products.

Whether photorealistic, and contextualised 3D interiors, or surrealistic, and charming environments, we develop bespoke spaces that capture attention, creating unique marketing campaigns and increasing conversions.

Furniture Brands, Product Designers, Rug Designers, Fine Artists, Retail & E-Commerce

#4 Animation & Motion Design

Architecture Animation
Branding & Motion Design
Product & Promo Videos

With many years of experience creating and directing animations for the architecture and advertising industry, we take pride in offering a  first-class motion picture service that combines innovation, uniqueness, and sophistication for brands that want to maximise presence, establish singular positioning, and increase sales.

General Brands, Design Brands, Furniture Brands, E-commerce Stores

#5 Graphic Design & Art Direction

3D Graphic Design
Concept Art
Art Direction

Our strength also lies in developing the communication tone and conveying the brand’s core values through efficient, well-conceptualised and relevant art direction and design. 

General Brands