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Como Mirror

Grazia & Co . 2020

Clever Design . Australian Made  

Grazia & Co. is one of the leading furniture brands in Australia.

With a wide range of elegant pieces of furniture designed and manufactured in Melbourne, they came to us earlier this year with the challenge of developing a couple of renderings for some of their new products.

One of these products is the clever and beautiful Como mirror, a collaboration between Grazia & Co. and the interior designer Beatrix Rowe.

Project Details

Set Design

Art Direction

Product Rendering

Our approach was to craft a warm and delicate interior space that would balance photo-realism and art, offering plenty of personality and differentiation for the product and for the brand.

The result was an eye-catching image that had a great engagement from the target audience on social media, resulting in brand awareness and increased value perception.

Behind THe Scenes

Reflective objects are very challenging to represent.

During our creative process, we explored several lighting & composition possibilities and worked very close to Grazia & Co. to ensure that the final image would reflect the brand’s aesthetics and also Beatrix Rowe’s look and feel expectations.

Our main focus was three-fold. We wanted to create a singular image that would elegantly catch the attention of the target audience, and clearly highlight the product.

Below you will find a very short video showing a little bit of one of those lighting studies.