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The Design Coach Rebranding

The Design Coach . 2020

Integrity . Empowerment . Connection

The Design Coach Australia is focused on empowering small business operators and providing valuable insights into design processes.
As part of their rebranding, we were asked to create a 3D illustration that could communicate the new aesthetics of the brand.

Project Details

Set Design

Art Direction

Branding visual

Our approach with The Design Coach Australia was to design a brand identity that would express their new design & website, creating the necessary awareness for their new look for 2020.


The 3D illustration was created using their main icons and elements used to communicate their products and services.


Behind THe Scenes

Our first concept was a surrealistic illustration that could visually present some of the icons to communicate the brand’s services and products. 

After a few drafts, a more grounded look and feel was chosen in order to better reflect the brand’s identity.

Icon Set

We also created a set of icons based on the approved illustration to be used on the website, business card, social media.