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The Mittagong Residence

Mr. Mitchell Interiors . 2020

Celebration. Honour. Connection.

Designed by Mr. Mitchell Interiors, The Mittagong Residence is an exciting combination of style and sophistication, inspired by the notion of simultaneously celebrating and creating legacy.

The project also offers the opportunity to celebrate regeneration, following the bush fires that ravaged much of NSW, including the area surrounding the property on the side of Mount Gibraltar in the Southern Highlands.

Project Details




Social Media Content


Our approach with Mr. Mitchell was to leverage the uniqueness of the project, by creating a memorable, sophisticated, and comprehensive creative campaign that could inspire, and genuinely make a statement.

With more than 15000 files and 250GB of data generated, The Mittagong Residence was a massive audiovisual production that combined design and technology to create a marketing campaign that grabs attention, increases value perception, and creates differentiation for the project and for Mr. Mitchell’s brand. 


The execution included the production of a highly-detailed 2-minute 3D animation, and was a collaborative effort between our creative studio, Mr. Mitchell, and the client.

As the value of any brand is underpinned by the quality of its image, the film is a great example of how high-end visual communication creates awareness and brand differentiation.

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For the marketing campaign, we also created several renderings of the interiors, promotional short-clips, close-ups renderings, and branding visuals

Social Media Content & Short-Clip

The Ladybug Promo taps into the idea of the power of design and visual storytelling.

We believe that design is one of the most important factors to capture attention and increase value perception, and the short-clip was also influenced by a desire to create a piece of content that could delight, entertain, and deeply connect to the target audience.

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The creative process for the brand was influenced by the project’s colour palette of coal, clay, and eucalypt green, inspired by the regeneration of the surrounding forest after the devastating bushfires.

Our challenge was to create a look and feel that could blend the nature-inspired palette with the softness and charm of a premium residence.

Behind THe Scenes

With over 1440 hours of render time, 15000 files, and 250GB of data generated, The Mittagong Residence challenged both our technical and artistic skills at the same time as it tested our infrastructure and production capabilities.